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Q. What is your turnaround time?
A. Generally allow 7-14 working days from ordering.
Q. How durable is Foto Wallpaper?
A. Foto Wallpaper is one of the thickest and strongest on today's market. Tear, Scratch and Water Resistant, Foto Wallpaper will last 120+ years in normal indoor conditions.
Q. Is Foto Wallpaper removeable?
A. In most cases Foto Wallpaper can be easily removed without damaging your wall. This depends on the condition of your wall and how well it was originally prepared.
Q. Why Foto Wallpaper?
A. We strongly believe Foto Wallpaper is one of the best if not the best Custom Wallpaper available. Your wallpaper is printed and finished all in-house from start to finish. Using the highest quality photographic printer, archival inks and finishing.
Q. What Guarantees and Refund Policies do you offer?
A. FotoWall offers a minimum 25yr. warranty on all products. 5yr. warranty on installation (only if installed by FotoWall)
Q. How do I care for my wallpaper?
A. All Foto Wallpapers come with a clear UV protective coating which protects your mural from the sun and general scufing. Foto Wallpaper can be wiped down with a moist sponge.
Q. Do you offer self adhesive wallpapers?
A. No, we have stocked self adhesive wallpapers in the past and found that they are much harder to install than the traditional paste and apply method. Also self adhesive wallpapers are not suitable for all painted wall surfaces as they tend not to adhere well over a long period of time.
Q. Can I install the Foto Wallpaper myself?
A. Yes, if you have installed other wallpaper previously you will find Foto Wallpaper the easiest to install. We will provide you with everything you will need to know to install your Foto Wallpaper.
Q. What payments methods do you offer?
A. Cash / Eft / Direct Deposit / Cheque / Money order / Visa / Mastercard
Q. Can I use my own photo/s for my Foto Wallpaper?
A. Yes. Ensure the settings on your camera are set to the highest resolution, we can enlarge to print from most camera devices. the higher the resolution the better result we can provide you.
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