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Home Decoration ideas

The best home decorators treat each room individually and decorate individual rooms. A room has 4 walls and a ceiling, 5 surfaces that needs to be covered to a single theme. One of those surfaces should be a focal point and the others should complement it. Depending on what room of the house you are decorating you can use our ideas gallery to find inspiration. Once you got an idea then you can either use a high resolution photo you have you find one from our collection to make a feature wall. In the past we had customers chose picture for a photo wall for each room inspired by the interest of the people who were using those rooms as car racing photo wall, princes castle, nature theme, nautical theme, new york theme ect..

.Bed room decoration idea 1 Bed room decoration idea 2

As you can see from the above examples the picture quality of the photo wall is extremely realistic so you forget it is a wall but think you have full wall size window with a great view.

Bath room decoration

The great thing about bathrooms is they don’t change trends quite as fast as other rooms in the home, so if you choose well they’ll have a lot more staying power. The trend for luxury hotel inspired bathrooms grows. People want a glamourous space where they can chill out and unwind after a hectic day!

bath room decoration idea bath roo decoration ideas 2

Bed room decoration ideas

At many occasions a bold statement picture may be a good photo wall idea but some times a subtle texture does the trick.

Main bed room idea 1 master bed room decoration idea

Lounge or sitting room decoration ideas

This is where you can use bold and a ststement piece for your photo wall feature wall.

Lounge or sitting room decoration idea 1 lounge or sitting room decoration idea 2



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